Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2012 Chevrolet Volt vs Leaf

 The Nissan Leaf is an all electric, 5-door hatchback. Because the Leaf doesn’t use any kind of range extender like the Chevrolet Volt—the driver must carefully plan their routine around the Leaf’s 73 mile range. Otherwise the driver of a Leaf will find themselves stranded.  The Leaf comes is two trim packages: SV and SL. 
Power and Performance: The Chevrolet Volt is rated at 149 horsepower whereas the Nissan Leaf has only 107 horsepower making a 42 horsepower difference! The Volt also produces 66 lb.-ft more maximum torque than the Leaf! The Volt has superior steering over the Leaf as a result of the power steering being mounted directly to the steering rack. The Leaf has nothing similar to this. Range anxiety is not a concern with the Volt’s impressive 379 mile driving range as opposed to the Leaf’s maximum driving range of 73 miles. The Battery of the volt is cooled using a liquid thermal system superior to the Leaf’s air cooled battery. The Volt also charges twice as fast as the Leaf using a 120V charger! The Leaf comes with 16” wheels as opposed to the Volts standard 17” wheels. The Chevy Volt also has top speeds of 100 mph which is 10 more mph than the Leaf’s top speed! 
Safety: The Chevrolet Volt has 8 airbags standard versus the Leaf which only has 6 airbags and no front-knee protection. The Volt has automatic daytime running lamps and OnStar automatic crash response—the Leaf has nothing similar to these features. TheThe Chevrolet Volt weighs 400 pounds more than the Nissan Leaf. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that heavier vehicles are significantly faster than their lighter counterparts. This is one of many factors that have allowed the Volt to easily achieve higher crash test safety ratings than the Nissan Leaf by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 
Quality, Reliability and Durability: The Volt comes with free roadside assistance. Nissan doesn’t offer any free roadside assistance for the Leaf. Chevrolet’s powertrain warranty covers the Volt 40,000 miles longer than Nissan covers the Leaf. The Volt’s corrosion warranty is also 1 year longer than the Leaf’s. Also an important consideration for Chevrolet’s superior warranty is that there are nearly 4 times as many Chevrolet dealers as there are Nissan dealers, making it much easier to get warranty work done on the Volt than the Leaf. Furthermore, a J.D. Power and Associates’ 2011 survey shows Chevrolet vehicles are more reliable than Nissan vehicles in initial and long-term quality and reliability.
Awards: Consumer Reports recommends the Chevrolet Volt, based on reliability, safety and performance. The Volt was chosen as one of Car and Driver’s “Top Ten” in 2011, while the Leaf has never made this list. Motor Trend selected the Volt as their 2011 Car of the Year, an award the Leaf has never received. The Volt was chosen by Automobile Magazine as their 2011 Car of the Year. The Leaf has never received this award.
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