Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2012 Chevrolet Volt Ride & Handling

All of us at Art Gamblin Motors are energized about the Chevrolet Volt’s excellent electric efficiency and performance, but we are also very impressed with the Volt’s delightful to drive experience and secure handling. The Volt has been designed with a Body Frame Integral made of high grade steel that combines the body and frame of the Volt into one cohesive unit. This makes the Volt stiff, allowing engineers to more easily fine-tune the entire car. The result is the tight-handling Chevrolet Volt. The Volt has an independent front suspension made of many high quality parts like MacPherson brand struts and weight optimized forged aluminum. The rear suspension of the Volt is specifically designed to be light weight and high performing. In fact the rear suspension of the Sonic weighs 10% less than commonly used traditional torsion beam suspensions. The result is the Volts fast, responsive performance and drivability

The power steering on the Volt runs on the car’s 12V system, which maximizes horsepower, performance and efficiency. The Volt uses 4-wheel ABS disk breaks making for precise and responsive braking even in an emergency. The Volt also harnesses braking power with its electro-hydraulic regenerative brake system—transferring energy to the brakes into the Volt’s battery. The Volt comes standard with forged aluminum wheels made with a forged and flow-form process used in making racing wheels. The Volt is equipped standard with the StabiliTrack Stability Control System, which automatically engage the Volt’s traction and braking systems if the vehicle does not exactly follow the drivers intended path. The Volt also uses a traction control system that prevents wheel spin.
All of the above factors are just a sampling of the features that make the handling and drive experience of the Volt Exceptional. Come test drive a new Chevrolet Volt today at Art Gamblin Motors and experience the Chevy Volt’s superior handling for yourself. We know you will welcome our pressure-free environment staffed by expert sales associates. Most of all, you will love the way we treat all of our customers like family—something we have been doing as a family owned and operated business for over 40 years. Come see us here in Enumclaw Washington and discover for yourself why we are the highest online rated Chevrolet dealer in the state!

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