Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Chevrolet Volt Review and Overview

2012 Chevrolet Volt Review & Overview
We are confident here at Art Gamblin Motors that the Chevrolet Volt is a revolutionary vehicle in its own right. The Volt is also clearly unparalleled by all its competition. The Volt is capable of running totally on its battery for 35 miles. After that the Volt seamlessly transitions to it’s high efficiency gas powered generator and energy extrapolating brake system; charging the Volt’s battery while running and easily allowing the Volt to travel another 344 miles. That means the Chevy Volt can travel 379 miles before its needs to be charged or filled up again! This means the Volt will never give you “range anxiety” of running out of energy and being stranded. This is a real concern for drivers of the Nissan Leaf and Ford Focus Electric, which do not use any kind of range extenders like the Chevy Volt’s on-board generator. At the same time, you can easily commute 35 miles a day with the Volt and never use a drop of gasoline or produce any tailpipe emissions; all for about 1.50$ a day in electricity costs. While the farthest the Toyota Prius can travel on battery only is one mile. And even this must be done at low speeds!
The Chevrolet Volt is also capable of going 0-60 in less than 9 seconds and can achieve speeds of 101 Mph with its 149 horsepower electric motor. This means that the Chevy Volt handles like a midsize sedan equipped with a 250 horsepower V6! None of the Chevrolet Volt’s competition even comes close to offering this level of power, performance and efficiency. Regardless of the Volt’s inferior competition—it is an excellent vehicle in its own right. The Chevrolet Volt has a 5-star National Highway Traffic Safety Administration overall safety rating and an Insurance Institute of Highway Safety Top Safety Pick award—making the Volt a very safe vehicle to drive. The Chevy Volt offers excellent handling and comfort with ultimate media connectivity, which makes the Volt responsive and fun to drive!
            All of this excellence in design is packaged in a sleek high-tech style, making the Volt a unique and beautiful sedan. The future of driving is here at Art Gamblin Motors in Enumclaw Washington. Come experience the incredible Chevrolet Volt for yourself with a test drive in our pressure free environment and have all your questions answered by our expert and friendly sales associates. We treat all of our customers like family here at Art Gamblin Motors; its second nature for us, being family owned and operated for over 40 years now. Discover for yourself why Art Gamblin Motors is the top online ranked Chevrolet dealer in the state! 

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